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AFX2DAW Software Update Guide
System & Software Requirements Installation Guide Please read the document thoroughly, make sure your system meets all conditions r...
How can I optimize my computer for the best quality audio performance?
In general terms, try to minimize processes unless absolutely necessary, as they may do nothing to improve your performance. There are n...
What is Oven Control?
The quality of the clock is extremely important when high quality audio is desired. Oscillator accuracy is also compromised when exposed...
What is Acoustically Focused Clocking?
Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) and Jitter Management are two critical components to improve audio via clocking. Both are precisely ...
What is Jitter?
For further, detailed information about Jitter, please read the article entitled “Introduction to Digital Clocking“.
Why is Sampling rate and bit depth so important in digital audio?
These are some of the major points in digital audio today. Once an audio signal is transformed into the digital world, it becomes a smal...
What is the warranty policy on Antelope products?
All Antelope products come with a 24-month warranty for Europe and 12-month for the USA and Asia.
What is the repair policy of Antelope Products?
If a warranty repair is issued Antelope Audio will cover all repair costs and the return shipping expenses.
What type of screws are used for the D-SUB connectors.
Due to recent inquiries about the type of our D-Sub connectors screws, we’d like to point out we’re using non metrical screws (inch type...
I'm using ThunderboltTM connection and from time to time my unit gets disconnected from the Control Panel. What can I do?
Please ensure you have a genuine Apple certified ThunderboltTM cable. Third party cables might work normally, but can cause a disconnect...