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How To Activate New Effects and Plugins

If you have a newly purchased effect, bundle or promotional software that comes with your device, this article will run you through the necessary steps to assign this software to your Antelope Audio Device.

1. Download the Antelope Audio Launcher (You can skip this step if you already have the Antelope Launcher downloaded)

Please go to our website  and navigate to the "My Account" section 

On the Dashboard page, you will need to download the Antelope Audio Launcher, located in the bottom left corner of the page.
2. Once you plug your device via USB or Thunderbolt you will see your device in the launcher.
Please click on 'Manage device' as shown on the picture bellow.

3. Another window will pop up. Please click on 'Features & Ownership'.

4. In this windows under the tab 'ADD' you will see all available unassigned bundles.

5. Put a tick next to the bundle or effect that you want to assign and press 'ASSIGN' at the bottom.

Congratulations, the software has now been assigned to your device and is ready to be used!

 In case you want to unassign an effect or bundle from your device to assign it to another device, please click on the tab 'REMOVE' and check the bundle. Then press 'UNASSIGN' at the bottom.

NOTE: Software products can NOT be moved between accounts. Once activated on one account the user will be able to move them between devices on the same account (if compatible) but won't be able to activate them on other accounts.


If you have received a code that you need to claim, please go to our website .

Click on 'Claim Features'.

Copy and paste your code in the provided section.
NOTE: Once the code is pasted it will be added to your account and you will need to follow the steps from the first section of the article in order to assign it to your device and activate it this way. 


If you want to activate the MIC Emulation or the AFX2DAW plugin you will need to go under 'Plugins' in the Antelope Launcher. This is done after all the steps above have been completed.

In order to use the MIC EMULATION as native VST's in your DAW you need an iLok dongle. To activate the VST's please enter the provided iLok code in the iLok License Manager.

The iLok code for the native microphone emulations can be found in the user area under "My software". 
To review the iLok code, please press "Download effect".

NOTE: When prompted to activate the emulations after opening your DAW, insert the iLok dongle.  

How To Activate the Synergy Core Native plug-ins

You can find out how to activate the Synergy Core Native plug-ins by going through this article.

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