This article will explain how to allow the installation of Antelope Unified Driver in Security & Privacy on MacOS 10.15 Catalina.

First, go to the downloads page by clicking HERE  and download the latest driver for your Antelope Audio Interface.

Go to Security & Privacy and allow apps to be installed from everywhere. Also , please change your default MacOS language to English if you are on a different language , because there seems to be a problem with MacOS when running on foreign languages and it doesn't display the "Allow" or "Open Anyway" buttons in Security & Privacy > General Tab .

Take a look at this screenshot to see where this options are located:

Once you have allowed apps to be installed from "Everywhere", open the Antelope Unified Driver and click install while keeping the Security&Privacy preferences window opened.

Once you click install , it will probably ask you if you want to open that, click on "Open". If the installation is successful it will give you a prompt window saying it is successful. However you might get an error because of the settings and, you will need to click on the "Allow" button in the bottom right as shown in the screenshot above. Once you have done that, a Window will be opened, Select "Elektrosfera LTD" from the list and click Allow/Okay. Reboot your Mac and re-install the driver.

The driver should be installed correctly after these operations. If your Mac or Antelope Launcher doesn't recognize the device yet, try unplugging and plugging back the power cable of the Antelope Audio Interface.

If that doesn't help either, please contact our technical support to receive further help!

Yours Faithfully,

Antelope Audio Technical Support