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If you're looking to connect your Edge Solo microphone to the Zen Go Synergy Core interface and harness its integrated real-time microphone emulations, this support article provides a straightforward guide.

Connection Process

Connect your Edge Solo microphone to inputs A1 or A2 on the rear panel of the Zen Go interface.

Control Panel Configuration

1. Open the Control Panel and locate the leftmost preamp in the PREAMPS row.

2. Select the input selector above the 'AFX' area and choose PREAMPS > PREAMP 1 or 2, depending on your A1 or A2 input.

Mic Emulation Setup

In the signal type drop-down menu, choose 'Mic' and activate 48V phantom power. Hold 'cmd' on Mac or 'control' on Windows while clicking to activate.

Selecting Mic Emulations

Click the mic emulations button to access the mic emulations window. From the dropdown menu, select Edge Solo.

Effective Usage

Edge Solo operates as a single-membrane condenser microphone, occupying one physical mic preamp input and one virtual 'MIC EMU' output.

Edge Solo mic emulations work on a single input audio channel. Recording and monitoring both ‘dry’ and ‘mic emulation’ audio means dealing with two mono tracks.

- Route the ‘PREAMP’ input for Edge Solo to your desired outputs to monitor ‘dry’ audio.

- Route the ‘EMU MIC’ output for Edge Solo (same number as the ‘PREAMP’ input) to

your desired analog and digital outputs to monitor/record ‘mic emulation’ audio.

- Route ‘PREAMP’ and ‘EMU MIC’ channels to different outputs and record or monitor

from them to get both 'dry' and 'mic emulation' audio.


If Edge Solo isn't available in the dropdown menu, ensure that you've assigned the emulations to the device as described in the guide.

Follow these practical steps to effortlessly integrate Edge Solo and harness its mic emulations within your Zen Go Synergy Core setup for an optimized audio experience.

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