This article will explain how to allow Teamviewer QS on MacOS Catalina so you can connect with our technical support agents.



On the GENERAL TAB , allow apps to be opened from everywhere as on the screenshot below:

Then go to the Privacy Tab , and on the left scroll up/down and find Screen Recording, click on it and you will see Teamviewer on the right hand side, please tick the box there as shown on the screenshot below:

After you tick the box, Teamviewer will ask for a "Reboot", close the Teamviewer application entirely and reopen it.

One of our agents will see you in our Teamviewer system and connect , you would need to click "Allow" once you are prompted.

Once the connection is established Teamviwer will ask for other permission in Secuirty&Privacy. This time Under the Acessibility as shown in the screenshot below:

Tick all boxes of Teamviewer on the right hand side. After that's done , our agent should be able to take control and help you solve your issues!

We hope that was helpful!

Yours Faithfully,

Antelope Audio Technical Support