This article will explain how to complete remove all antelope folders and files on your computer and reinstall the antelope launcher.

If you are on Windows:

1. Open Control Panel > Go to Uninstall Programs > Uninstall Antelope Launcher.

2. Open My Computer > Go to C:>Users>Public>.AntelopeAudio folder , delete the .Antelopeaudio folder

Windows will probably deny the deletion due to the manager server being open in the back ground

Open up Task Manager > Go to Details > Find AntelopeAudioServer > Right-click and select END TASK

Proceed to deleting the .AntelopeAudio folder.

3. Empty your trash

4. You can now reinstall the Antelope Launcher completely if you would like to.

If you are on Mac:

1. Go to Applications>Find Antelope Launcher > Right Click > Select "Move to Trash"

2. Empty the trash

3. Open Finder > Go to your Macintosh HD>Users>Shared > Open the Show Hidden files that is attached to this article or Hold Command+Shift+ . (dot) to show hidden files > Delete the .AntelopeAudio hidden folder

4. Empty the trash

5. You should be able to reinstall the Antelope Launcher completely.

If you are finding trouble and you cannot seem to do that on your own, please contact our Technical Support Team.