If you find yourself in a situation where the control panel does not detect the device please check the following steps


For Windows 

- Open the Windows Task manager. Go to service tab and check for a process “Antelope-Manager-Service”. 

If the service is not active, please use the administration tab on the control panel to restart or reinstall the server. If you have an antivirus try disabling or deinstalling it. 

Some anti-virus software programs occupy the same ports as the control panel networking service does,rendering  it unable to communicate.

For OS X

- Please open activity monitor and check for Antelope-Manager-Server process. If the process is not there, pleasetry reinstalling or restarting the process from the control paneladministration tab. Should this not help, check if the firewall isdisabled. From time to time, the OS X firewall blocks the ports thatthe networking service. Thus, not allowing the process to properlycommunicate. 

Thank you

Antelope Support Team.