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Galaxy 64 Synergy Core

Account Creation and Product Activation

Please note that the mandatory device activation procedure requires an active Internet connection on your computer. Activating an Antelope Audio device offline is not possible. Your Galaxy 64 Synergy Core must be activated online to work. This chapter contains the necessary instructions: 

1. Connect the Galaxy 64 Synergy Core to a Windows or macOS computer. 

2. Open your internet browser and navigate to

3. Login to the Antelope Audio user area with your e-mail and password. If you don't have an account, visit to create one. 

4. Click on the 'Activate New Device' button.

5. Click on Galaxy 64 Synergy Core  from the device list.

6. Download and install the Antelope Launcher application for Windows or macOS

7. Open the Antelope Launcher application and click on the 'Login' button  Enter the email and password you used to login into the Antelope Audio user area and click 'Login'.

8. Click on 'Activate device'. 

Note: If the Galaxy 64 Synergy Core  does not appear in the 'Devices' tab, click on 'Not seeing your device?' and follow the on-screen instructions 

9. In the Antelope Management Wizard window, choose 'Activate device or assign features' and click 'Continue'. In the subsequent window, place a check mark next to 'Register device' and click 'Continue'  

10. Upon successful activation, the final window will read 'Congratulations! You have successfully activated your device.' Click 'Done' and the activation is finished. 

Please proceed with the 'Setting up after online activation is complete' chapter below to configure the Galaxy 64 Synergy Core for use with your Windows or macOS computer. 

Note: The Galaxy 64 Synergy Core  will be listed in the 'My Hardware' page of the Antelope Audio user area with its serial number and activation date

DAW setup with Antelope Devices

This guide shows how to setup your DAW with your Antelope device

Please follow one of the videos below for your desired DAW:

Guide for ProTools

Guide for Ableton Live 10

Guide for Studio One

Guide for Logic Pro X

Guide for Cubase 10

Routing, Tracking, Recording and Monitoring

These video tutorials expalin in depth how to route,track and monitor with Galaxy 64 Synergy Core.

Downloads and Video Tutorials

In this article you can find the download link for your antelope device as well as links to all video tutorials.

DOWNLOADS                               VIDEO TUTORIALS                         USER MANUAL