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Release date: 8th July 2024 



  • The Plugins tab is now split into 3 categories: Synergy Core Native, Microphone emulations and afx2daw. 
  • The Synergy Core Native category has sub-categories with different types of effects such as Dynamic Processors, Equalizers, Special Processing etc.  
    The “All” category will include all available plugins as well as a “SCN Complete Bundle” allowing the installation of all plugins together at once. Each plugin can be installed or uninstalled individually. 
  • Optimized native plugin installation process. 
  • New Discover tab where variety of educational content, articles, videos and promotional offers can be easily accessed. 
  • Fixed issue with Network usage in specific regions. 



Why is this update important? 
 - Antelope Launcher 3.1.2's main change will modify the Plugins tab layout which will affect the visibility of the plugins in older Antelope Launcher versions as well. To guarantee proper functionality and visibility of the Plugins tab, updating is recommended. 

Do I need to update now? 
- The update is not mandatory but recommended as it brings new structure to the Synergy Core Native plugins and improves the overall performance. 
Can I use my devices without updating the Launcher? 
 - Yes, your Antelope devices and Synergy Core Native will be fully functional, if you stay on the older Antelope Launcher version. 
How do I get the new update 3.1.2?
 - A pop-up window will appear upon opening the Antelope Launcher, prompting to update. You can skip it or update now. To update later, you can go to the Settings tab in the top right corner and click "Check for Updates", then follow the next steps.

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