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⦁    Make sure you have selected the Zen Quadro SC as your Playback/Recording device inside our DAW and also you have activated all your virtual Inputs and outputs.

⦁    Load the Hardware insert plug-in inside your DAW. Each DAW has a different built-in plug-in for that purpose:

⦁    Ableton: External Audio effect

    Logic Pro: I/O

    Bitwig Essentials:  HW FX

    Pro Tools: I/O Setup -->Insert

⦁    Cubase: Audio Connections – External FX

⦁    Open the Zen Quadro SC Control panel and navigate to the USB 1 I/O tab. 

Use any of the first 6 channels where you can apply the effects. For example, Record Channels 3 and 4. Apply USB 1 PLAY 3 on Record 3 and USB 1 PLAY 4 to Record 4:

    Open the AFX tab and apply the affects you want to use on the Hardware inserts:

⦁    Select Inputs for Return signal and Outputs for the Send signal, different from 1 and 2, because those are already used for your master output from your DAW. 

For example, choose Inputs 3 -4 and outputs 3-4 for stereo processing. Apply the Hardware insert plug-in on the DAW track

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