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Please note that the mandatory device activation procedure requires an active Internet connection on your computer. Activating an Antelope Audio device offline is not possible. Your Zen Quadro Synergy Core must be activated online to work. This article contains the necessary instructions: 

1. Connect the Zen Quadro Synergy Core primary USB 1 port to a Windows or macOS computer using a USB type-C cable. 

Important: Zen Quadro Synergy Core is a USB-C bus-powered interface and therefore it requires steady power from the computer ports. It is recommended to use ports such as USB 3, USB 3.1/USB-C that are located on the motherboard. Even though USB 2.0 ports may still be used, some may not deliver enough power. In such a case, the secondary USB-C port can be used. 

2. Open your internet browser and navigate to 

3. Login to the Antelope Audio user area with your e-mail and password. If you don't have an account, visit to create one.

4. Click on the 'Activate New Device' button. 

5. Click on 'Zen Quadro Synergy Core' from the device list. 

6. Download and install the Antelope Launcher application for Windows or macOS. 

7. Open the Antelope Launcher application, enter the e-mail and password you used to login into the Antelope Audio user area and click 'Login'. 

The device will be automatically recognized by the Antelope Launcher, and you can safely proceed to the next step.

8. Click on 'Activate. 

Note: During the activation process, you can also pair any standard and promotional software bundles available in your account with your device. Antelope Audio Zen Quadro Synergy Core User Manual Page 9 

9. Install Software bundle After successful activation of your device, click on “Software Installation” This step is necessary to install the latest firmware and control panel for your device. 

* On Windows – this step will also install the latest driver for your device. The device will restart after a successful installation. Click 'Done' and the activation is finished.

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