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While we're yet to introduce native multichannel drivers for Windows, there's a workaround available for users seeking to leverage their devices with substantial I/O channel counts. By employing a Virtual Audio Interface such as Voicemeeter, you can achieve configurations ranging from 5.1 to 7.1. Follow these steps to implement the workaround effectively:

Step 1: Configuring Windows sound settings.

- Set Voicemeeter as your Windows Input/Output device.

- Configure Voicemeeter to operate in 5.1/7.1 mode.

Step 2: Device Control Panel Setup

In this example, we'll configure a 5.1 setup within the Discrete 8 Pro's Control Panel:

- Assign Computer Play 1-2 as the Left and Right outputs.

- Designate Computer Play 3 as the Center (C) channel.

- Allocate Computer Play 4 as the Sub channel, responsible for sending the LFE signal.

- Utilize Computer Play 5-6 for the Surround Left (SL) and Surround Right (SR) channels.

Ensure the routing aligns with the specified configuration.

Step 3: Voicemeeter Configuration

1. Access Windows Sound Settings and select the appropriate format for Voicemeeter.(Refer to sceenshot 2).

2. Verify the Voicemeeter routing to ensure compatibility.

- Voicemeeter settings can be adjusted via Menu -> System Settings/Options.

- Select your interface's ASIO driver as the hardware out in Voicemeeter.

Configure settings according to the provided examples.

**Note**: This workaround isn't officially supported by us. Therefore, if you encounter any issues, direct assistance may not be available. Voicemeeter is a third-party program, and for any issues related to its functionality, it's advisable to seek support from their dedicated channels.

*IMPORTANT NOTE*: When adjusting channels in "PATCH BUS TO A1 ASIO Outputs," refer to the channels displayed under "HARDWARE OUT" for accurate configuration.

By following these steps, you can effectively utilize multichannel configurations on Windows systems, expanding the functionality of your devices beyond stereo pairs.

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