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Release date: 10.01.2024

- Stability & Performance improvements
- Added compatiblity for 10MX atomic clock
- Fixed freeze after computer sleep on macOS and Windows
- Fixed issue when Antelope Launcher force quits right after opening on Windows
- Removed Login Dialog pop-up at startup if user is not logged (only on first-time installation).
- Wrong scaling on first time installation
- Smoother activation process 
- "Accept remote connections" is now moved in the Settings menu with a Check option. When the Check is applied, the Antelope Launcher (local) will see all the devices in the Network and also all other Launchers in the Network will see the devices connected to the local computer.
When the Check mark is removed (this is the default state), the Launcher will not see any Network devices and also Launchers in the Network will not see the local device. 

Note: Manager Server 1.8.17 is required for some of these changes to work properly

*System requirements: Mac OS X 10.14 and later/Windows 10/Windows 11

*To read more about the launcher, press here to download the manual

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