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We've released bundle 1.2.10 for the Galaxy 64 Synergy Core, containing the following changes:

- Added Surround tab processing functionality for multichannel monitoring setups.
- Added support for MRC remote controller.
- Added UI/UX improvements in Monitoring, Surround, and Session tabs.
- Added monitoring pop-out widget with volume controls, preset recall, and always-on-top function.
- Added quick-recall software preset system.
- Added tooltips for various control panel settings.
- Added detach functionality for Routing, Surround, Monitoring, and Session tabs.
- Added DC coupled outputs on/off switch in control panel settings.
- Improved performance on AD/DA conversion.
- Fixed an issue where certain configurations might result in audible clicks on analog outputs.

OSX Firmware - 2.55 and Control Panel - 1.1.14

Windows  Firmware - 2.55 and Control Panel - 1.1.14 

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