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With the recent release of the Native Plugins, our Ecosystem now has 4 different types of Software Effects.

1. The Native Plugins

2. The Native Mic Emulations

3. Real time effects and Emulations


Our software effects ecosystem has expanded to include four distinct types of offerings, each catering to specific needs and preferences. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the nuances of these software effects to help you make informed decisions about their usage. 

1. Native Plugins 

The Native Plugins, also known as Synergy Core Native, represent a significant evolution in our Control Panel Effects. These plugins cover a range of audio processing elements, including EQs, compressors, modulation effects, preamps, and more. Exclusively available through our Membership Program, these plugins provide a versatile toolkit for enhancing your audio production. It's essential to note that Native Plugins are accessible only during an active membership period. If the membership expires without renewal, the plugin licenses will be revoked.

2. Native Mic Emulations

Designed as the DAW version of the Control Panel Mic Emulations, our Native Mic Emulations offer faithful reproductions of well-known microphones. These emulations are provided free of charge with the purchase of any of our Modeling Mics. Unlike Native Plugins, the licenses for Native Mic Emulations don’t require membership and remain on your account indefinitely. The native microphone emulations are available only for Antelope modeling microphone owners and cannot be purchased separately. 

3. Real-Time Effects 

Our Real-Time Effects, based on FPGA and DSP technology, deliver powerful audio processing capabilities. Accessible through your device's control panel, these effects can be utilized as inserts in your DAW. While some effects have transitioned to native versions, a significant portion remains exclusive to the device's control panel. Licenses for Real-Time Effects can be acquired through our Software Effect Store or promotional offers. Once purchased they remain in your account forever. To learn how to integrate Control Panel Effects as inserts in your DAW, refer to check this Article check this Article, or This Article


AFX2DAW serves as a bridge between the Control Panel's AFX Channels and your DAW. This VST/VST3/AAX/AU plugin enables you to open your device's control panel within your DAW, allowing seamless utilization of FPGA/DSP effects. AFX2DAW is available for separate purchase or as part of specific promotions from our software store.

In conclusion, understanding the distinctions between these software effects empowers you to optimize your audio production workflow. Whether you're a member seeking the versatility of Native Plugins, a mic enthusiast benefitting from Native Mic Emulations, or a user exploring Real-Time Effects and AFX2DAW, our diverse ecosystem caters to your audio processing needs and empowers your creative freedom.

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