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In some instances, you may encounter an issue where your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) fails to recognize Synergy Native effects initially. If this occurs, follow these steps to ensure smooth integration:

Verify the Plugin Path in Your DAW: Make certain that you've correctly specified the path to the Synergy Native plugins in your DAW and rescan all available paths. This path must match the one displayed after the installation of the plugins. By default, on Windows systems, the path is:

Confirm that your DAW's specified path matches the one above. 


· Once you've confirmed the path, go to Reaper.

· Click on "Re-scan" and select "Re-scan paths for new/modified plug-ins."


· Navigate to the Studio menu and select "VST Plug-in Manager."

· Click the cog icon at the bottom left of the window and then click the "+" icon.

· Choose the folder where the plug-ins are installed and click "Select Folder."

· Click the "Refresh" icon next to the search bar to initiate the scanning process.


· Open Live's Preferences.

· Go to Plug-Ins → Plug-In Sources. Note: If using Live 10.1 or earlier, open Preferences → File/Folder → Plug-In Sources.

· Enable "Use VST2 Plug-In Custom Folder" and click "Browse" to select the folder specified during installation. 


     · Activate "Use VST3 Plug-In System Folders" to enable VST3 plug-ins. 

Logic Pro

· In Logic Pro, the plugin path is predetermined, so there's no need to specify it.

· Rescan your plugins from the "Plug-Ins Manager" menu.

By following these steps, you can resolve any issues related to the recognition of Synergy Native effects within your DAW. Ensure that the plugin path is correctly set, and perform a rescan of the available paths to enjoy seamless integration and a rich audio production experience.

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