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There is a new MRC update available, allowing proper device activation.  Please, follow the instructions: 

  1. Update the Manager Server to version 1.8.16 in the System tab in the Antelope Launcher: 


  1. Hold the L button in the top left corner of the MRC and while holding the button, unplug and plug back the USB cable from the back of the device: 



  1. Open the Antelope Launcher and click Install: 
    Select the latest available Bundle version and click Install: 


Follow the instructions and wait for the Update process to complete. 



Upon successful update, you will see the following message. Click Finish: 



  1. Click “Activate” and follow the instructions in the Antelope Launcher: 




Finally, close (force quit if required) and reopen the Antelope Launcher to finish the registration process. 



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