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With Synergy Core Native bundle 1.1.1 we have developed a new preset manager, which will allow you to use factory presets.
Please keep in mind that the presets you've created with version 1.0.0 will not be available with the new preset manager, unless you do the steps below.

On Windows
Navigate to C:\Users\username\Documents\Antelope Audio\ and open the effect folder for which you've created the preset.
For example, if you have presets for Comp-4k-Strip, then open the folder with the effect name, open the Presets folder and move the preset you've created on version 1.0.0

Open the DAW of your choice and load an Antelope Audio plugin.
When you load the plugin, click the preset button and select "Show directory".

In the new window, open the effect folder of your choice and paste the old presets into it.
Keep in mind that the effect presets should match the folder name. 

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