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Discover how to effortlessly enhance your audio experience by connecting the Edge Note microphone to the Orion Studio Synergy Core interface, complete with mic emulations.
Step 1: Account Setup

Create your Antelope Audio account on our website. This account is pivotal for hardware activation and feature access.

Step 2: Activate Edge Note

Log in and access your user dashboard. Click "Activate New Device," then select Edge Note and input its 
serial number for seamless integration.

Step 3: Mic Emulation Assignment

Assign the mic Emulations To your device (The Orion Studio Synergy in this example)
Open the Antelope Launcher and Log in with your credentials.
On the ''Devices'' page hit the ''Manage Device'' button underneath your device's serial number.

Go to Add section and assign the Microphone Emulations to your device.

Step 4: Connecting the Mic

Use a standard XLR to XLR cable to directly connect the Edge Note to any XLR input on the Orion Studio.
Step 5: Phantom Power Activation

Open The Orion Studio's Control panel.
Locate the input gain knob corresponding to where you've plugged the microphone into and hit the 48v button.
Step 6: Selecting Mic Emulation

In our interface, click the "Mic" icon under Preamp. Choose your preferred mic emulation to shape your sound.

Step 7: Streamlined Routing

Route emulations using EMU MIC boxes in the routing matrix. Direct them to COMP REC for recording or customize for monitoring, summing, or specific outputs.

By following these steps, you're poised to elevate your audio setup using the Edge Note microphone and Orion Studio Synergy Core interface.

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