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This get-started guide will help you to authorize, download and install the Synergy Core Native
plugins on your computer.

Step 1:

Create an Antelope Audio User Account

To activate the software and fully utilize all of its features, you will need to create an Antelope account.

To create an account, please click here.

Existing users can log in here. 

Step 2:

Installing the Antelope Launcher

Download the Antelope Launcher for your operating system and install it following the on-screen instructions.

To download the launcher for Mac OS click here.
To download the launcher for Windows click here.

* If you already have the Antelope Launcher installed, ensure that it is up to date.
To check if you are on the latest version go to the “Settings” section and click on “Check for Updates”

Step 3:

License Deposit and iLok Account Link

Navigate to the “My Membership” section. 

Navigate to iLok account section.

If you have an active iLok account, please click on “Link account.

If you wish to create a brand-new account that will be assigned to your Antelope profile, click on “Create iLok account.

  • Once the accounts are linked, our system will automatically deposit your licenses to the linked iLok account.
  • You can manage your licenses from the iLok License Manager webpage or desktop application.
  • Synergy Core Native can be authorized on iLok Cloud or iLok USB hardware dongle (Gen 2 or higher).
  • Machine licenses are not supported.
  • We recommend linking your accounts immediately after signing up for your free trial.

    Step 4:

    Installing the Native Plugins on Your Computer

    Make sure your Antelope Launcher is up and running.

    Go to the “Plugins” tab and locate the Synergy Core Native software bundle.

    Click on the “Install” button and follow the on-screen installation instructions 

    Once the plugins download is completed select a preferred file directory so the installer can move your plugins in it 

Press “Done” to finish the installation.

Step 5:

Activating your plugins!

To activate, start your DAW and load one of the Antelope Audio plugins. You’ll be asked to log in with
your iLok account to authorize the plugins.


Alternatively, you can open your iLok License Manager and activate your license on your iLok Cloud
session or iLok hardware dongle.


Where can I manage my active membership?

Log-in to

When does my 14-day free trial starts?

The 14-day free trial starts right after you submit your order is confirmed.

Do I need to have an internet connection active to run the plug-in?

Yes, if you use the iLok cloud manager to run your licenses. If you licenses are stored on iLok USB hardware dongle, then the internet is not required.

Need any help?

Visit the Antelope Audio Customer Support page, choose your device and find the required information.


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