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If you are a proud owner of the Orion Studio SC your workflow is probably directly impacted by your available I/O count. As your setup grows, the need for additional inputs appears. This is where the Orion Studio SC has you covered - you can choose to extend your I/O using ADAT.

How to connect your Orion Studio to a secondary device?

To connect your interface to a second device you will need an ADAT compatible optical cable. In most cases, the devices which you will be using in conjunction with the Orion will be other interfaces or preamps. These devices will need to have an ADAT output, so that you can send the signal from the external device to the Orion. 

Step by step instructions: 

  1. Use an optical cable to connect the ADAT output of the second device to ADAT input of the Orion
  2. Make sure that the two devices are clocked - this is an essential step to achieve a solid connection. We generally advise you to clock the external device to the Orion if possible, using the Orion as the Master device.
  3. Open the Orion Control panel and drag down the ADAT INPUT channels to your COMP REC channels
  4. You can examine the signal through the peak meters in the "Meters" tab of the control panel.

ADAT channel count

As a digital protocol, ADAT has limitations in channel count as the used sample rate gets higher. Standard channel count restrictions apply per ADAT port as follows:

44.1kHz and 48kHz8 Channels
88kHz and 96kHz4 Channels
176.4kHz and 192kHz2 Channels

Keep in mind that the Orion has 2 ADAT inputs and outputs, which will allow you to add up to 16 additional inputs to your setup. 

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