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This article delves into various methods of saving presets for your device. There are two primary types of presets that can be created: hardware presets and software presets. Each type offers distinct advantages and allows for efficient recall of customized settings. Let's explore these preset-saving options in detail.

Software Preset

A software preset is a fundamental method of saving settings that can be easily accessed within the device's
software control panel. The steps to save and recall a software preset vary depending on the device model:

Zen Go, Zen Q, Discrete 4, Discrete 8, and Orion32+ Gen.3

1. Locate the "Save" tab in the top right corner of the interface's software control panel.

2. To save a preset, click on the "Save" button, and to recall it, use the adjacent "Load" button.

Zen Tour SC, Orion Studio Synergy Core, Galaxy 32 SC, Galaxy 64 SC: 

1. Find the "Save" button in the "Session" tab at the top right corner of the interface's software control panel.

2. To recall a preset, use the "Load" button located below the "Save" button.

When saving a software preset, you can choose to save all changes made in the device's software control panel by selecting the "Components" checkbox.

Note: Organize your presets by creating a dedicated folder for Antelope Presets to facilitate easier access, particularly when dealing with multiple routings and adjustments during recording sessions.

Routing Preset Save 

This type of preset saves only the routing configurations created within the device's routing tab. It is available for the following devices:

· Zen Tour Synergy Core

· Orion Studio Synergy Core

· Galaxy 32 Synergy Core

· Galaxy 64 Synergy Core

To save a routing preset, navigate to the "Routing" tab in the device's software control panel and click on the "Save" button provided.

Hardware Preset 

A hardware preset saves all adjustments, routings, and settings, similar to a software preset, but it is stored directly on the device itself. This feature is particularly useful when traveling or when quick preset recall is desired without the device being connected to a computer. The following devices support hardware presets:

· Zen Tour Synergy Core

· Orion Studio Synergy Core

· Galaxy 32 Synergy Core

· Galaxy 64 Synergy Core

For Orion 32+ gen.3 the steps for saving a hardware preset are the following:

1. Open the software control panel, configure the desired routing settings.

2. Left-click on one of the displayed preset numbers while holding the Ctrl/Cmnd key.

The hardware preset button with the corresponding number will recall the saved preset.
Another way to save a hardware preset is to press and hold one of the five preset buttons on the front panel of your interface.


Another way to save a hardware preset on your Orion32+ Gen.3 is by directly holding a physical preset button by choice for 5 seconds after you are happy with the routing and adjustments inside your software control panel. 

You can easy recall the saved preset by simply pressing the physical preset button. 

For Galaxy 32 you will have to follow these steps:

Press preset key 1 to recall preset 1. Press preset key 2 to recall preset 2. Presets 3 to 5 are recalled from Menu 2 or the Control Panel application. 

For Zen Tour SC and Galaxy 64 SC, the process is slightly different due to their touchscreens:

1. Create the desired routing configuration.

2. Tap on "MENU" on the device's screen.

3. Select "Presets Savings" and choose a hardware preset number to save the preset.
To recall the preset, press on P1 to P5 buttons, located on the touch screen.

By understanding the different preset-saving options available for your device, you can effectively store and recall customized settings, making your workflow more efficient and streamlined. Whether utilizing software presets, routing presets, or hardware presets, these features enhance the flexibility and usability of your device.

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