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If you encounter any issues or glitches while using the AFX2DAW VST, follow these steps to address them effectively:

Step 1: Save and Close

Save your Control Panel settings and close all related applications (DAW, control panel, Antelope Launcher, streaming platforms, OBS, browser, etc.).

Step 2: Uninstall AFX2DAW

Open the Antelope Launcher and navigate to the Plug-ins page.

Uninstall AFX2DAW by following the prompts. Click "Ok" on any subsequent messages from the launcher.

Step 3: Remove the Driver

Access the System Page of the Antelope Launcher.

Uninstall all drivers listed under the Manager Server section.

On Windows: Uninstall all drivers associated with your Antelope device and confirm any prompts.

On macOS: Select the "Current" option from the dropdown list (Unified Driver) and uninstall. Confirm any prompts.

Step 4: Delete the Antelope Launcher

Close the Antelope Launcher.

On macOS: Locate the Antelope Launcher in the Applications folder, right-click, and move it to the trash.

On Windows: Open the Windows Control Panel, go to "Uninstall a program," locate the Antelope Launcher, and uninstall it.

Step 5: Restart Your Computer

Step 6: Delete the ".antelopeaudio" Folder

On macOS: Open the Terminal and paste the following command:

open /users/shared/.antelopeaudio

Delete all the contents of this folder. (Note: If needed, delete the entire folder from users/shared after enabling hidden folder visibility on your Mac.)

On Windows: Go to your C drive, navigate to "users/public," and delete the ".Antelopeaudio" folder.

Step 7: Restart Your Computer

Step 8: Reinstall the Antelope Launcher

Reinstall the Antelope Launcher, ensuring you grant it administrator privileges when prompted.

Step 9: Reinstall Your Drivers

From the system page of the Antelope Launcher or your device's Downloads section, reinstall your drivers.

On macOS: Allow the driver's kernel extensions in System Preferences > Security and Privacy. Restarting your computer is recommended but not mandatory on Windows.

Step 10: Install the Latest Software Bundle for Your Device

Installing the .Antelopeaudio folder means that your device's control panel was also deleted. Make sure to reinstall the device's software bundle fully.

In the Antelope Launcher settings (top right hexagon), go to Advanced and set the dropdowns to "Always."

Step 11: Remove and Add AFX2DAW to Your Interface

In the Antelope Launcher, go to Features and Ownership.

Remove all AFX2DAW bundles.

Once your device reappears in the launcher, go back to Features and Ownership and assign all your effects bundles again.

Step 12: Reinstall AFX2DAW

Consider reinstalling the latest version of AFX2DAW (you may try an older version if needed).

Follow the prompts, click "Ok" on any messages, and ensure that the VST/components are placed in the correct directories.

Step 13: Open Your Control Panel

Open your device's control panel before launching your DAW. Note that AFX2DAW may still open in a separate window or control panel.

Step 14:

Open a new project and load an instance of AFX2DAW

If you continue to experience problems, please contact our Custom Support team.

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