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The following set up is applicable mostly for Antelope Audio devices equipped with the advanced routing matrix. A similar effect can be achieved with a Discrete control panel, but a TRS patch cable of some variety will need to be used. This trick can become an essential component in creating the desired sounds. 

The Zen Tour is utilized for various guitar playing needs, including recording, rehearsal, and live performances.
The effects chain is as follows (guitar going into preamp 2):

1. Stay Levin
2 Guitar Amp (DarkFace65)
3. Lang PEQ

4. Guitar Cabinet (Darkface 2x12, 57D and 52D for mics)
5. VEQ 4K - Orange
6 BAE 1073-MP
7. Reel to Reel
8. VCA 160

While the current effects chain is great for cleans, additional drive was desired without compromising the existing effects. To accomplish this, a real-life green stomp box type pedal was incorporated before entering the Zen Tour, with the signal still requiring additional drive. 

Since Antelope Audio does not currently produce a dedicated overdrive pedal, a "Non-intrusive" overdrive amp was placed before the start of the effects chain (before the Stay Levin) along with a noise gat

1. Plexi 59 (UK)
2. Power Gate

The Preamp 2 box containing the guitar was routed to an AFX IN channel (AFX IN 7), which was then connected to a guitar amp and a power gate. The corresponding AFX OUT (AFX OUT 7) channel was sent to the previous AFX chain instead of the preamp box. 

The result is a 9 channel AFX chain with the desired grit, which can be cleaned up by adjusting the noise gate and guitar volume. Preamp 2 can now go through up to 16 AFX instances, all recorded from the AFX OUT of the initial chain, AFX OUT 2. Reverb and other effects can be applied to the same channel as before, without requiring changes to the recording unless the signal from just those first 8 is needed.

This routing can be expanded further by routing every AFX OUT to every other AFX IN.

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