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In order for us to better help you out by accessing your Apple computer running Mac OS Ventura through our dedicated Team Viewer Quick Support app, you are going to have to give it certain permissions.

On Ventura, these permissions differ slightly from older versions of Mac OS.

Upon opening our module (downloaded from this link: TeamViewer) a window will pop up asking for 3 permissions.

1. Screen Recording (allows us to view your screen, generally not necessary on Ventura, unless you've purposefully altered your preferences)

2. Accessibility (allows us to move the mouse cursor and make keyboard inputs)

3. Full Disk Access (not necessary for our operations what so ever, so no need to allow this)

Click the Request Access buttons to the right of both Screen Recording and Accessibility. This will take you to the Security and Privacy menu for your Mac.

Move the slider to the right when General is highlighted.

If you initially installed TeamViewer 15.34 or older, you may see items listed separately. You may also see some items listed as "unidentified developer", due to a macOS bug.

In that case you will need to provide additional permissions

General information about background items (login items)

If TeamViewer is not configured to start with system, a background item is used to provide critical functionality like two-factor authentication for connections, printer driver management, toggling start with system, and error recovery. Even though macOS lists a login item, it will run only on-demand when TeamViewer runs.

If Start with system is enabled, additional items are active in the background to automatically start TeamViewer and enable connectivity to your Mac at all times.

No matter how many TeamViewer-related background items you see, you should never disable them. If you want to turn off Start with system, please do so in TeamViewer directly. That way, TeamViewer can properly remove login items that are not needed.

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