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Reasons for Possible Satori Crackling

TL;DR - The Relays within the Satori create a crackling sound/noise whenever being switched from an Open to a Closed position (i.e whenever you change your volume). This crackling sound is normal and is heard only when you raise/attenuate the signal and they do not get in the way of any device functionality.

We've encountered a couple of cases in the past where our Satori Users reported strange crackling/noise whenever the volume knob is engaged, no matter if you attenuate, or increase the signal, when switching between inputs/outputs, summing etc.

This is not a reason to worry! In order to find out why those crackles and noises are introduced, we firstly need to learn how the Satori actually works.

How the Satori works

Within the Amplifier of the Satori itself - there are multiple relays responsible for attenuating, or increasing the signal level. You can imagine those relays as Switches - they have a Closed and an Open position. Those relays make the clicking sound which the Satori produces whenever you rotate the volume knob, as they switch between their respective closed, or open positions.

The Relays are being used in different combinations, depending on the level that you'd like to increase, or decrease to. This means that in certain situations multiple relays are going to switch at ones. Those switches usually take about 10-20ms. As there is no physical ways to make all the switches happen at the same time and the same speed, this switching introduces Analog Noise which comes from the Amplifier Section of the Satori. Those Crackles and Noises are not to be confused with any faulty parts within the Satori itself - this is how the Relays always work. They appear only when the volume is being changed. If the volume knob is not engaged, but you're still getting noises, or crackling, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, so that we can look further into the issue and find a solution.

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