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Released on 10.20.2022

The Antelope Launcher - the core of our software and hardware ecosystem. 

With the 3.0.0 update we aim to improve the overall user experience, facilitate management of multiple features and provide easy access to educational content.

The upgrade includes sleeker feel, improved stability and a dash of customization.  Let's go over what is new.


The dashboard has been streamlined, with a lot more information hiding under the hood. It shows the devices connected to your computer and those in your network if you have enabled incoming connections.

The picture of your device still opens the Control Panel like before. There is no bundle version dropdown or update button to the right. The update options are now moved to a dedicated page.

The first "Faders" button services as the old "start Control Panel" button

The ( i ) button is device info (hovering over it will give you a quick view of your device's information).

Pressing the button opens an entirely new page.

From here you can now access direct links to start up guides, relevant videos and best of all - the User Manual for the device in question.

The third button in the Devices page is the "Gears" - this is the "Manage Device" button. 

Similarly to the previous "Manage" and "Manage Device" buttons it houses device updates, features management, assigning of purchased software.

Upon pressing the gears you are greeted with another all new page with two tabs.

Software & Firmware is where you can get updates, downgrade, mix and match all the software of your device. Here you will locate the old bundle version dropdown.

And underneath all of it, you have information about your device software. What is contained in upcoming bundle is also presented.

On the very bottom of this tab is where you'll locate the Autorun Control panel box, changed to a daring circle.

Features & Ownership

This is where most of the old "Manage Device" features are housed.

Here is where you can Activate or Deactivate your device, and choose which effects bundle to assign or unassign.
Plug-Ins is still the second tab of the Antelope Launcher - layout is much the same as the previous iterations. 

However a lot of useful info can be found when you hit the ( i ) below the effects. It gives you immediate system and functionality requirements for everything, what requires an iLok.



Here is where you install/uninstall/reinstall drivers and where the Manager Server controls are located.

The "recycle" button under the Manager Server bundle dropdown is the Restart Server button.

The dots on the right is the "Accept Remote Connections" button

The ( i ) info button under every component in the System page gives you quick and relevant information pertaining to that specific component of the launcher.

On the top right hand corner we have the Login and Settings Buttons.

Login remains pretty straightforward.

Hitting the My account button takes you to that section in our website>

Log Out unapologetically logs you out, while Log In will invite you back in.

The Settings button has changed however to the new "Hexagon" icon.
Expanded and improved are the options too. Hitting the Hexagon opens a new page with three tabs of its own. The Options page allows you to switch between light and the all new dark mode for a sleeker look.

The usual "Disable animations" and panel supported drag area selection checkboxes are still present. New to the table is the "200% scaling mode" box, which makes everything 200% larger like the implies.

The Advanced tab allows you to select what your Antelope Launcher updated on your device and software.

Network - the second tab in settings, shows you what's connected, what ports are in use and their IP addresses, and what's being viewed remotely.

Finally - Logs allows you to view the logs of all your devices, the Manager Server and the Antelope Launcher itself. With the option to save, load last, send them to us or clear them.

That's about it for the new layout, we are interested in hearing what you think about it. Your feedback is welcomed through our communication channels.

The Antelope Launcher remains compatible with all products which have been using the software until now - there are no compatibility changes. The Update is optional and will appear available directly inside the Antelope Launcher application.

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