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How to use Antelope effects in your DAW with AFX2DAW 

AFX2DAW is a bridge plugin which allows you to utilize the processing power of your interface, by allowing you to use our effects directly in your DAW.

You can think of using afx2daw as if you're using external hardware effects – you are sending the signal out of the DAW, then it goes into the effects and after it is processed, it comes back to your DAW where it can be recorded. Instead of going through the process of routing and creating hardware inserts, you can insert an instance of the plugin and all the routing and connections are already prepared.


How to export with AFX2DAW? 

Since afx2daw processes signal in real time, you are required to use real time/online exports. Most DAW's will have the option to export in such manner. You would have to do the same when using external hardware effects.

If you try performing an offline bounce you will get mostly noise as a result from the export.

If you do not wish to export in real time you have another option – you will have to create a new stereo/mono audio channel, depending on the track you are recording.

Then, for the input source of the new track you will have to select the Master output (or whichever other channel where afx2daw is inserted). Record your track on the empty one you have created. After you have recorded it, you can disable afx2daw and perform an offline bounce/export.


How many instances of AFX2DAW can I insert? 

AFX2DAW will have different instance limitations for each device. As a general rule – the more processing power your interface has, the more instances of afx2daw you will be able to insert. Keep in mind some effects will use more processing power than others   


AFX2DAW instance chart:  



Does the AFX2DAW plugin add latency to the DAW session? 


Yes, the plugin will add the necessary latency for the processing to take place. However, as with every native plugin, this latency will be compensated by the DAW and your interface as much as possible. Adding additional effects in the afx2daw channel strip will only increase the overall latency by just a couple of samples, however, if the plugin added demands more resources it might negatively impact the latency compensation of the DAW.

Note* macOS Zen Go Synergy Core users might experience a slight variance in the latency, due to limitations of the way USB audio is processed on macOS. Expected deviation is around 10 samples. This does not affect Windows systems and afx2daw over Thunderbolt.

*Keep in mind that adding more than 1 instance of AFX2DAW to a track will create latency which the DAW will not be able to compensate.

AFX2DAW on MIDI channels

Currently, afx2daw has insufficiencies when working with MIDI channels - it will add considerably more latency to the channels. If you want to use afx2daw on a MIDI channel we recommend recording the content of the track on a new Audio channel and applying the afx2daw processing there. This will not only make afx2daw work better, but also save CPU usage in the project. 


Where in the chain to insert AFX2DAW for the best results? 

The optimal placement of afx2daw in your effects chain is for it to be first. Keep in mind that adding two instances of afx2daw on one channel will add too much latency. 


Can I use AFX2DAW on the send/bus channel? 

Adding AFX2DAW on the bus/send channel is not recommended as it might create phase issues. 

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