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How to Record Drum Overheads with Edge Quadro


The Edge Quadro’s four membranes give you the option to explore various stereo mic-ing techniques, which makes it perfect for recording drum overheads. The detailed sound of the microphone captures the high end frequencies with great detail and the emulations allow access to a rich collection of microphones.


The microphone’s upper capsule is rotatable which allows for various positions and combinations of the membranes.


Recording overheads with a single membrane

Even though the Quadro is a four-membrane microphone, you always have the option of recording just one or two membranes of your choice. To do that, connect just one XLR from the Top (rotatable) or Bottom head using the corresponding cable.

To record a mono overhead, select a membrane of your choice and record only the selected membrane on a mono track inside your DAW. 


Recording overheads with a dual-membrane setup:

To record a stereo overhead, select two membranes of your choice and record only the selected two membranes on two mono track inside your DAW.


Stereo recording techniques

To take full advantage of the microphone’s capabilities, you can try the following techniques:

• XY-stereo set both capsules to Cardioid, offset 90° 

• Mid-side stereo set the top capsule to Cardioid, and the bottom capsule to figure-8 

• Blumlein Set both capsules to Figure-8, offset 90°

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