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How to Use Antelope Interfaces with an HDX or an HD Card

In this article we will show you the basic functionality and setup of the HDX connection with Orion32HD | Gen3, Galaxy 32 and Galaxy 64 Synergy Core.

Getting Started 

To establish the connection between the device and your HD/HDX card, you have to use specified Digilink cable.

Make sure the drivers of your HD/HDX card are properly installed and then simply connect the primary HDX port of the Antelope device you have to one of the ports of the HDX card. Each HDX port carries 32 channels, so if you need to expand the channels you have, you can connect the other port as well. To verify the connection is successful, start Pro Tools, then click on Setup and go to I/O. All the channels should be visible there and if they are not, you can click on default button for inputs and outputs section.

Orion 32HD | Gen3: Make sure to set the clock source to HDX so it can get the sample rate of the project you will be working on. Don't worry the internal clock of the unit is going to be working as well, it is just going to be synced to Pro Tools project sample rate.

Galaxy 32 and Galaxy 64: It is recommended to keep the clock source to internal, if you are not going to use loop-sync.

In the control panel of the Antelope devices, depending of the model of the unit, the digital channels for Pro Tools are called:

Orion 32 HD gen3 - HDX PLAY (outputs of Pro Tools) and HDX REC(inputs of Pro Tools)

Galaxy 32 - HDX IN (outputs of Pro Tools) and HDX OUT (inputs of Pro Tools)

Galaxy 64 DIGI IN (outputs of Pro Tools) and DIGI OUT (inputs of Pro Tools)

You can manually adjust the latency compensation inside the HDX section of the Control Panel. There is an option to keep it on auto (recommended) or you can manually adjust it by switching it to manual or none (completely disables latency compensation). You can also change the way Pro Tools recognizes the device, but if you are not accustomed to a certain Pro Tools HDX setup, stick to HD IO 16x16 as it gives you the maximum number of samples for manual delay compensation.

For more information, please check the user manual of our HDX devices.

Orion32 HD gen3 -
Galaxy 32 -
Galaxy 64 -

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