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Galaxy 64 Synergy Core 

Released: (19.02.2021) 


Galaxy 64 Synergy Core FW 1.76 / Bundle 1.1.8: 

New in Version 1.765: 


- None


Galaxy 64 Synergy Core Control Panel 1.1.0 / Bundle 1.1.8: 

New in Version 1.1.0: 


- Fixed Auraverb crash on macos Big Sur.

Additional information: 

  • Please, make sure to back up and save your setting before the update!     
  • The update will not erase any settings from your device. 
  • Perform a factory reset from the device hardware ones the update is completed if you experience any performance related issues 

  • On the touch screen of the device, please click on MENU (top left corner), click on Factory Reset and click on the button that appears in the middle of the screen to confirm the action.

    You should see "Factory presets restored" on the screen of the device.

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