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What is Loop Sync and when to use it

When you want to connect another digital audio device to your HDX system alongside your interface, you must synchronize the two in a Master - Slave arrangement. The Master device clocks the Slave device with its timing reference signal. In the realm of Pro Tools, this is known as Loop Sync.

We recommend using our devices highly stable and musical clocking to generate timing reference.

Lets have an example using our Galaxy 32:

Galaxy 32 Synergy Core as the Master HDX device

In this scenario, the Galaxy 32 Synergy Core is your sole HDX audio interface. The unit is connected to an HDX card and is optionally, connected to a computer over Thunderbolt™ for use with the Control Panel application. Once connected, do the following:

1. Open the Control Panel application and select 'HDX/INT' from the Clock Source dropdown menu:

OR On the device itself:

● Press and hold the left function key to enter Menu 1, shown on Display L.

● Turn the jog wheel to select the Sync Source entry.

● Press the jog wheel to confirm.

● Turn the jog wheel to select HDX / INT as the sync source.

● Press the jog wheel to confirm.

● Press the left function key again to exit the menu.

2. Open Pro Tools and enter the Hardware Setup window.

3. Click on the Clock Master drop-down menu. Make sure that device HD I/O #1 is set to Internal.

4. The Loop Sync Master indicator in 'HDX' view of the Control Panel application lights up to indicate the Galaxy 32 Synergy Core is the master unit.

Example with the Orion 32HD | Gen 3:

1. Connect Word Clock Out 1 or 2 to the Slave Device's Word Clock In using a standard BNC Cable.

2. Open the HDX tab and choose the relevant Word Clock Out from the Loop Sync Out drop-down menu.

3. Click Loop Sync Enable. The Loop Sync Master indicator lights green.

Note: The receiving device might require modifying its settings to act as Slave

To change the Master - Slave configuration from Pro Tools Hardware Setup window:

1. Connect Orion 32HD | Gen. 3 - Word Clock Out to Device 2 - Word Clock In.
2. Connect Device 2 - Word Clock Out to torion 32 HD | Gen. 3 - Word Clock In.
3. Click Loop Sync Enable in the HDX tab.

*For more info and examples please refer to the Galaxy 32 user Manual page 62.


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