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How to Use Loopback with Discrete and Zen Go/Q Interfaces

Loopback is a feature in Discrete and Zen Go/Q Interfaces that allows you to record the signal routed to the monitors and headphone outputs. The loopback channels can be selected only in the DAW section of the Control Panel.

Note: In this example we use the Discrete 4 Synergy Core but the below is applicable for all Discrete interface, Zen Go and Zen Q. 

The interface we use in this tutorial has 4 available mixers - Monitor/HP1, Headphones 2, Headphones 3, Headphones 4.

Navigate to the mixer of your choice and select the channels you would like to record.

In this example we use the Monitor/HP1 mixer.


Once you create your mix, go to the DAW section and select Loopback Mon/HP1 1 on channel 1 and Loopback Mon/HP1 2 on channel 2. 

As you can see from the dropdown menu, there are 4 available loopback channels, which correspond to the 4 mixers of the interface.


Keep in mind that the levels of the recording can be controlled by the faders in the mixer section:


Once your mix is created, you will be able to record it in your DAW by selecting the inputs which correspond to the Record channels in the DAW section of the control panel. For example, if your loopback channels are set to Record 1 and 2, then your DAW inputs should be set to 1 and 2 as well.


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