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Released: 8/9/2022

Bundle 2.5.11 pertains to devices with Hardware Revision 8.0 and 8.1
Contains Firmware 3.17 and Driver 5.0.1 for Windows and Unified Driver 4.5.0 on Mac OS.

Bundle 2.3.38 pertains to all other Hardware Revisions.
Contains Firmware 1.82 and Driver 5.0.1 for Windows and Unified Driver 4.5.0 on Mac OS

The two new bundle versions both contain the same new Control Panel ver. 1.1.24

New in Panel 1.1.24:
Added support for Edge Note.

To update to these news bundles - open the Antelope Launcher, locate the red update button underneath the "bundle version dropdown" to the right of your device's number.
Select the newest bundle from the list - hit the update button.

* If you are having difficulties pressing the update button underneath the dropdown menu, first go to the Settings on the top left hand corner of the Antelope Launcher (a cog wheel and a wrench) - go to the advanced section. Set all the 5 dropdowns in the menu to say Always (they have 3 options - Never, If newer and Always). Hit ok on this message and proceed to update the bundle version as described above.

Known issues with bundles 2.3.38 & 2.5.11:


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