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Zen Go Synergy Core 

Released: (06.04.2021)


Zen Go Synergy Core FW 1.49 / Bundle 2.2.4:

New in Version 1.49:


- Added support for Diode609 – Class-A Compressor/Limiter 

- Added support for NEU473A – VCA Compressor / Limiter


Improvements & Fixes in Version 1.49:


- Updated display  settings that produced noise in some scenarios when the display is set to less than 100% brightness. 

- Fixed АuraVerb not passing a signal on the 2nd headphone output

- Fixed AuraVerb losing its last stored settings after the panel is shut down

- Fixed a problem with the Darkface Amp/Cab that produces a different sound when used with pre-amp 1 & pre-amp 2

- Fixed incorrect representation on the display when clock source is changed from USB to S/PDIF

- Fixed FX strip channels 3-4 which were not processing audio when signal is sent 

to DAW

- Improved stability & performance of core system components 


Zen Go Synergy Core Control Panel  1.1.6 / Bundle 2.2.4:

New in Version 1.1.6:


- Added support for Diode609 – Class-A Stereo Compressor/Limiter

- Added support for NEU473A – VCA Compressor / Limiter


Improvements & Fixes in Version 1.1.6:


Fixed wrong behavior where software control panel, peak meters indicate signal after you cycle the menus without playback being present

Fixed wrong behavior of software peak meters in DAW I/O/From Daw section, which were not registering signals correctly

Fixed mic emulations images not loading correctly in cases where emulations unlock code is not assigned for the type of mic


Additional information:

  • Please, make sure to back up and save your setting before the update!    
  • The update will not erase any settings from your device.
  • Perform a factory reset from the device hardware ones the update is completed if you experience any performance related issues
  • Unplug the USB cable 


  • Hold down [Gain + Hp/Mon] buttons


  • Plug the USB cable again and release the buttons.

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