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This article will go over how to calibrate the touchscreen of your device, without the need to access the feature in the display's menu. This is useful whenever the screen seems unresponsive and accessing the menu is not possible. The following applies to Zen Tour, Goliath and Goliath HD devices.

Press down the following buttons until the calibration procedure appears on the display. Make sure to tap the points carefully. The procedure can always be retried in order to ensure maximum responsiveness.

Zen Tour and Zen Tour Synergy Core - Gain and Antelope buttons.

Goliath & Goliath HD - Mono and Antelope buttons.

Amari - Dim and Mono buttons.

Galaxy 64 - press and hold the power button.

Hope this article is helpful! Additional assistance can be provided by Antelope Audio's support team, available here -

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