Dear users,

We have recently received multiple inquiries from owners of second-hand Antelope Audio devices who are unable to activate their newly purchased products. There is a possibility that these devices have been blocked from activation because they have been stolen. Such events are seldomly accruing in our dealers’ network, but each time it happens, we are being informed in a timely manner. We, therefore, act and block these devices from activation similar to how smartphone manufacturers do. However, if the product has been listed in online second-hand marketplaces or sold in-person, there is a possibility that you are purchasing a stolen device.

We would like to advise users who are considering purchasing a second-hand Antelope Audio product to request a product serial number from the seller and forward it to our Tech Support team. We will be able to check it and confirm whether this has been the case or not. We will then inform you, so you can decide if you prefer to continue with the purchase. If you find out that the device might be indeed stolen, we strongly advise you to contact local authorities.

Antelope Audio Support Team