This article will show you how to update your device to the latest bundle that includes the latest firmware , control panel, manager server and effects updates.

Open up the Antelope Launcher:

Then you would see your device icon (if you don't see your device click HERE) and the bundles on the right, tick the box next to bundle version:

Then you would need to click on the button "UPDATE" in the bottom right:

The antelope launcher should start the update and it should take no more than 5 minutes if you have a good internet connection.

After the update you should restart the device by unplugging and plugging back the power cable.

Then you would be able to open the control panel by click "Start Control Panel" or clicking the Discrete 4 (Local) Icon

If you encounter any problems during this update process, please contact us by submitting a ticket or joining the live chat!

Antelope Audio Technical Support