Released: (09.10.2020)


New in Control Panel Version 2.0.4 / Bundle 2.2.35:

ZTCP: New redesigned user interface with focused customization. 

ZTCP: Updated mic preamp channel strip. 

ZTCP: Updated Auraverb GUI. 

ZTCP: New routing matrix color scheme with the possibility for custom color patterns. 

ZTCP: New show/hide channels from input & output sections in the routing matrix 

ZTCP: Improved signal meters with an updated peak indication. 

ZTCP: Updated module detaching mode 

ZTCP: Improved FX channel strip layout in the Effects tab. 

ZTCP: Added full-screen mode. 

ZTCP: Added dedicated "Monitoring Control" section. 

ZTCP: New ‘Admin’ section with quick access to key webpages and assistance links. 

ZTCP: Added '48v Phantom Power' protection with tool-tip (CTRL+Left Click). 

ZTCP: Misc added multiple channel control on the internal mixers. 

ZTCP: Misc updated A/B monitoring selection switch. 

ZTCP: Misc improved widget performance and reaction time. 

ZTCP: Introduced multiple bug fixes and general improvements. 

ZTCP: Added support for Instinct Synergy – Tone Shaping / Distortion / Dynamics Processing  

ZTCP: Added support for VEQ - 432C – Parametric Mastering Equalizer 

ZTCP: Added support for VEQ - 65 - Discrete 10 Band Graphic EQ 

ZTCP: Added support for A-Tuner – Guitar Tuner 


Known Issues in 2.0.4: 




Zen Tour Synergy Core FW 1.43 / Bundle 2.2.35: 


New in Version 1.43:

- ZTFW: A-Tuner – Guitar Tuner is now available for free in the Synergy Core FX Library.

Improvements & Fixes in Version 1.43:

- None.


Known Issues in 1.43:



Additional information:

  • Please, make sure to backup and save your setting before the update!    
  • The update will not erase any settings from your device.