The devices Pure2, Orion 32, Zen Studio, Satori, OCX HD and Live Clock are not officially compatible with macOS Catalina, however there is a workaround, which is explained in detail in this article.

In order to run those devices on macOS Catalina, please follow the steps bellow:

1. Please download and install the latest Antelope Launcher from: HERE
(This step is necessary in order to install the latest Antelope Server)

2. Please trash the Antelope Audio installation file from your macOS Downloads Folder. Then navigate to your macOS Applications folder and delete the Antelope Launcher Icon.

3. Install the dedicated launcher of your device from the list bellow:
( For Orion 32, Pure 2 and Zen Studio please also install the corresponding DRIVER)
- Orion 32
- Pure 2
- Zen Studio
- Satori
- 10MX
- Live Clock

4. Restart your computer.
5. Start your device's dedicated launcher.