1. Introduction

Edge Solo is a high-quality single-capsule large-diaphragm condenser microphone by Antelope Audio. Combined with Antelope’s cutting-edge modelling technology, it allows users to emulate 18 of the world’s most iconic vintage microphones with uncanny accuracy.  The Edge Solo features modelling that was performed in one of the most respected facilities in Germany using an exquisitely preserved collection of classic microphones.

2. Safety Notes

Phantom power – ensure phantom power supply is 48V.

3. Connecting EdgeSolo

The solo has a standard 3 pin XLR output so any microphone cable is sufficient for the job. Just connect the mic with one of the designated emulation-ready preamps and you are good to go.

4. Claim and assignfeatures

Claiming features:

  • Open www.antelopeaudio.com and click LOGIN.

  • Enter your credentials and password

  • Navigate to Claim Features

  • Enter the voucher code ME*****, mark the check box on the End Users License Agreement and click “Claim”

Assigning features:

  • Open the interfaces Control Panel and go to the Help tab (the “?” button)

  • Open the Administration panel

  • Mark “Register device and assign features” and continue

  • Mark the checkbox with the Microphone Emulations and continue

  • The device will restart, and your new Mic Emulations will be available.

5. Load a Mic Emulation in your Antelope Audio Interface.

Open the interface Control Panel and click on the little settings icon on the preamp gain control.

To have access to the mic settings, the input should be in Mic mode.

When you load a Mic Emulation the following screen will pop up.

Note:48V Phantom power will be automatically enabled.

Thefollowing controls are available on the pop-up window once you choosethe Edge Solo:

Phase invert – allows you to invert the polar pattern of the signal in the selected Mic input.


Phantom power switch – is switched on by default, when you’re loading a Mic Emulation in the Antelope Audio interface Control Panel.

Mode switch – allows you to switch between Verge and Edge mic types or turn the emulation off.

Emulation select – here you can choose the exact model of the mic you wish to emulate.

6. Recording

In order to record the emulated signal,you must choose the following routing scheme.

 For Discrete 4/8:

Choose EMU MIC with the corresponding channels for the mic inputs. This way you will record the processed signal with the loaded emulation. You can also choose a mix on emulated and dry preamp signal, with a combination of a couple of channels (Emu and Preamp)

Zen Tour, Orion Studio 2017, Goliath, Goliath HD

Inside the routing tab, there is a strip: Emulated Mic, which corresponds to the physical inputs where you can connect the mic.

In order to record the emulations, just drag and drop the channels you are using from the Emulated Mic strip, to the Record strip (dependent on the type of communication – USB or Thunderbolt).

Again, you can record dry and wet signal with a combination of the Emulated mic channels and the physical input channels.

7. Technical Specifications

Microphone type: Condenser microphone

Diaphragm: Large condenser, single-sided 6u gold-sputtered membrane

Diaphragm diameter: 34mm

Polar pattern: Cardioid (fixed)

Freq.response: 20HZ ~ 20KHZ

Sensitivity: -35dB | 18mV/Pa (-1 to +3dB)


Self-noise: 19dB(A)

SNR: 75dB(A)

Output impedance: 50 Ohms @ 1kHz

Power requirements: 48V DC Phantom Power

Output connector: 3-pin male XLR

Color: Black matte

Package content

Breakout cable: Not included (standard 3-pin XLR cable)

Mount: Hard mount included

Case: Standard small suitcase

Can be transformed into a vintage replica via the Antelope Audio Mic Emulation Packs.

Vintage Mic Emulations:

Berlin47 FT









BerlinV563 cardioid capsule






Berlin47 TU



8. Contacts

Having difficulties with the Edge Solo microphone or anything else Antelope?Get in touch with us by the following means:

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10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. (EET), Monday – Friday

USA Direct Support Line

+1(916) 238-1643

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