If the mobile app is stuck with a "Searching..." message on its first screen and cannot connect to the device, try the following troubleshooting steps:

1. Make sure the Control Panel is running on your computer while the mobile app is working.

2. Make sure the device is plugged into the computer running the Control Panel via USB/Thunderbolt cable. The Control Panel must *not* be showing a "No device connected" message.

3. The mobile phone's WiFi must be turned on and connected to the computer's LAN network. The mobile network won't do.

4. Ensure that the mobile phone and the computer are on the same LAN network - this includes the same VLAN, if relevant. Try running a "ping" command between the computer and the phone to ensure visibility.

5. In case your computer has several network adapters (including virtual ones like those installed by VMWare, VirtualBox and other programs), try disabling all adapters but the one you use to connect to the phone's network.
Then restart the Control Panel and try connecting again.

6. The computer's firewall, if any, should allow communication over TCP ports 5007 and 20000 and UDP port 20001 for the Control Panel, both incoming and outgoing.

7. Make sure the computer's firewall, if any, doesn't block outgoing UDP multicast packets to IP address

8. Make sure there are no firewall blocking rules like those above on your WiFi access point as well