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How to enable the Unified Driver on Mac OS 13.x Ventura and 14.x Sonoma

In order to be able to use our interfaces as playback devices you need to enable our Unified Driver on your Mac OS. Here are the Instruction 

Note: After step 4 the options will vary if you are on a M1/M2 Mac or an Intel based one.

1. Install the latest version of the Unified Driver from the Antelope Launcher. 

2. If a "System Extension Blocked" pop-up appears, click "Open Security Preferences." If the pop-up is ignored, access the Privacy & Security (Gatekeeper) settings through Apple logo > System Preferences. 

3. In the Security section, select "Allow applications downloaded from App Store and identified developers." 

4. Click "Enable System Extensions." 

5. If a pop-up appears stating "To enable system extensions, you need to modify your security settings in the Recovery environment," shut down the Mac and hold the Touch ID button until "Loading up startup options" appears. 

6. In the macOS Recovery Mode, select "Startup Security Utility" from the Utilities menu. 

7. Click Options and then click Continue to boot the M1 or M2 Mac to macOS Recovery Mode.

7. Select Startup Security Utility from the Utilities menu at the top of your screen.

8. When you see the startup disk, click on Security Policy... 

9. In Startup Security Utility, choose Reduced Security and check the option: Allow user management of kernel extensions from identified developers.

10. Click OK, enter the correct admin password, and wait until the security level change completes.

11. Restart your Mac.

12. Go to Privacy & Security window again, and this time in the Security section:

Click the Allow button underneath System software from developer "Elektrosfera"
was blocked from loading.
If you have multiple system extensions to be enabled or updated you will see the Details..
button instead, click in and switch on the system extensions you want to allow and click OK.

13. Enter your password and restart your mac.

If you already had kernel extensions enabled on your mac step 13 will be after step 4.

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