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Analog Signal Processors

Does Satori work like a stand alone device (without a USB connection)?
The Satori can operate as a stand alone device, but used that way the user will not be able to control some of its features.
How do I adjust the level of the R4S Talkback mic?
Hold the Talkback button and turn the volume knob. The light indicators will change, depending on whether you are increasing or lowering...
Can the Satori outputs be connected with unbalanced cables?
The Satori has no issues being connected with unbalanced cables. Note! Using unbalanced cables may result in unwanted noise from the spe...
Why are my headphones so low in volume level?
If you have connected headphones with a higher than 120 Ohms impedance, you may not get the optimal signal strength from the Headphone O...
Does the Sum output fader work when there is no sum activated?
The Sum Output fader is only active when the Satori summing function is switched on.
Does Satori support 5.1 or other surround sound systems?
Satori can not support surround systems since all the outputs are meant for you to listen to a chosen pair of outputs or a sum (outputs ...
Is the summing function available for all inputs?
The summing function is available only for inputs from 5–8 (D-Sub connector).
Is the LFE output always engaged? Is it assignable to specific Monitor selections?
The LFE output is not always engaged, it needs to be engaged from the Software Control Panel of the Satori. The user can choose to have ...
Why is there a clicking noise when changing the volume of Satori?
Since Satori is a relay controlled hardware device this is a normal behavior. The clicking noise appears because of the sound drop downs...
How do I go into Hover mode?
For Hover mode click on the “windows” icon on the top right corner of the Software Control Panel.