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Mastering-grade Converters

Can I use the digital and analog inputs and outputs at the same time?
The Pure2 provides flexibility when it comes to routing, it allows you to use Digital and Analog inputs and outputs at the same time.
How can I perform a factory reset on the Pure2?
Hold the Power Button and a menu will appear on the Pure2 front panel Display. Using the Volume knob go to Factory Reset option. When yo...
Can I use the Pure2 to record more than two channels?
The Pure2 is a mastering interface and can not record more than two channels of audio.
Is there a difference between the Monitor and the Main Outputs?
The Main outputs are factory calibrated to 20 dBu and user adjustable from 8 dBu to 26 dBu. The Main Outs are using dual DAC architectur...
Can the Pure2 be atomically clocked?
The Pure2 has an Atomic Input and can receive reference signal from Antelope Audio’s 10M. It can also be calibrated with the 10M from...
Can I use the Pure2 as a master clock?
The Pure2 has 8 Word Clock outputs that can provide other devices with Antelope Audio’s state of the art Acoustically Focused Clocking (...
Can I use the Pure2 as a two channel audio interface for recording?
The Pure2 is a mastering interface and master clock. It can be used as a two channel interface, but keep in mind it lacks features as Ph...
How can I manually change the Analog Inputs and Outputs trims?
You can adjust the level of the Inputs and Outputs from the small screws that are next to each input or output.
Can I use all analog inputs and outputs simultaneously?
Since Eclipse 384 is a mastering AD/DA converter, only one pair of inputs and outputs can be used at a time.
Does a command in the Control Panel digitally change a parameter in Eclipse 384?
The Eclipse Control Panel actually changes different parameters by passing commands to the relays, which control them.