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Master Clocks

What is the maximum length for WC cables?
The cables shouldn’t exceed 6 meters in maximum length. Longer cables might work in general, but is advised to keep them shorter than 6 ...
Why do I need a master clock?
The clock timing accuracy is critical in maintaining the best audio quality. In order for an analog signal to be digitized, it must be s...
All digital gear have internal clocks. Why should I buy an external?
By using an external clock, you use all of its specialized and dedicated functions for clocking and synchronization. Most of the interna...
What is the Atomic Clock?
As a Rubidium Atomic Reference Generator based on real atomic technology, the 10MX is designed specifically to appeal to the most discer...
Are there any safety issues concerning the Atomic Clock?
The 10MX is not dangerous. It doesn’t use/produce radiation. It uses the properties of the Rubidium atom to resonate in a very specific f...
What is varispeed and what are the pullups/pulldowns?
It is now possible to varispeed +/- 200 cents form the base sample rate. If you prefer, you can also adjust in percent. Standard pull-ups...
What type of cables should I use with my Antelope clock?
Please avoid using standard analog audio cables for digital signals. Even though they may look the same, they are not designed for use w...
Should I daisy chain my other devices to the OCX HD or Trinity?
Check if your device is registered. OCX HD has multiple outputs for clocking multiple devices. A daisy chain can function, but we recom...
My led indicator stays only in Oven mode, why does my clock not indicate that it is locked?
The lock indicator lights up only when your unit is clocked by another clock (it is not the primary clock).
How can I calibrate my OCX HD?
To calibrate your OCX HD please follow these steps: Ensure the Atomic Clock is warmed up, atomic signal is fed to the Atomic Input and t...