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Thunderbolt™ & USB Audio Interfaces

I completed the activation process but I still haven’t received the activation link by email.
Please check your junk/spam folder as the activation email might be there. If not, please wait for about 30 min. and if you still don’t ...
What does it mean when the clock source changes to "USB"?
Our drivers are designed in a way that the unit locks to your DAW once it is started. That is the reason it displays “USB”. In this mode ...
How do the hardware inserts work?
The inserts work only for preamp channels 1 & 2. In order to use them you need to connect your external processors with a “Y” cable ...
Is there a way to bypass the preamps on the interface?
By using a TRS/TS cable and setting the input to operate in line level, you will be able to bypass the preamps.
How can I control the line output volume?
In the Options tab of the Control Panel, there is a Trim function for both line in and line out.
What is the maximum lenght for a USB cable I can use?
We recommend using a maximum of 3 meters. Above that, you may experience some disturbance like distorted audio, noise or loss of data. 
Where can I find the serial nubmer of my device?
The serial number can be viewed on the box of the unit, inside the software control pane help tabl, or the rack mount/back plate of the ...
Golden Boot Mode
1. Hold down the power/antelope button/top button on the right side of the screen (depends on the device). 2. While holding it down unp...