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Thunderbolt™ & USB Audio Interfaces

What is the maximum Thunderbolt™ cable length?
The Thunderbolt™ cable should not exceed 2 to 4 meters length.
What is the difference between Orion32 and Orion32+?
Re-designed architecture, improved features, hardware-based FPGA FX, Monitor Outs and ThunderboltTM connection.
Why is the unit non-responsive when working with a DAW?
The Orion32+ drivers are designed in a way that the unit locks to your DAW once it is started. That is the reason it displays USB. In th...
Why my MAC doesn't recognize Orion32+ when connected with a ThunderboltTM cable?
You need to switch the command interface to Thunderbolt from the System Menu of Orion32+ by holding the top right button and navigating ...
How to calibrate dBu - dBFS?
Navigate to the Control Panel of Orion32+. Open the Settings panel (upper right corner of the Control Panel). Adjust the DAC and ADC dBu...
Why does the Orion32+ have only one ThunderboltTM port?
We, at Antelope Audio have always wanted to meet all of our customers’ requirements, that is why we offer both USB and ThunderboltTM con...
Can I daisy chain two Orion32+ devices?
Yes you can, but via MADI daisy chain connection or OS X aggregate audio mode.
I did a firmware update but my device is not responsive / it behaves strange.
Start the control panel and perform a firmware update of the latest version again. After the update is done, perform a factory reset by:...
Can i use Thunderbolt and USB simultaneously?
No this is not possible, you can still have both connections but you will have to choose which one to us from your Orion32+ front panel m...
I completed the activation process but I still haven’t received the activation link by email.
Please check your junk/spam folder as the activation email might be there. If not, please wait for about 30 min. and if you still don’t ...