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Thunderbolt™ & USB Audio Interfaces

Does the saving preset function save the mixer faders on the Control Panel mixer?
The Save Presets function saves the routing matrix scheme and the low latency mixer settings as well as the Orion Studio Sample Rate.
What is the maximum Thunderbolt™ cable length?
The Thunderbolt™ cable should not exceed 2 to 4 meters length.
What is the difference between Orion32 and Orion32+?
Re-designed architecture, improved features, hardware-based FPGA FX, Monitor Outs and ThunderboltTM connection.
Why is the unit non-responsive when working with a DAW?
The Orion32+ drivers are designed in a way that the unit locks to your DAW once it is started. That is the reason it displays USB. In th...
Why my MAC doesn't recognize Orion32+ when connected with a ThunderboltTM cable?
You need to switch the command interface to Thunderbolt from the System Menu of Orion32+ by holding the top right button and navigating ...
How to calibrate dBu - dBFS?
Navigate to the Control Panel of Orion32+. Open the Settings panel (upper right corner of the Control Panel). Adjust the DAC and ADC dBu...
Why does the Orion32+ have only one ThunderboltTM port?
We, at Antelope Audio have always wanted to meet all of our customers’ requirements, that is why we offer both USB and ThunderboltTM con...
Can I daisy chain two Orion32+ devices?
Yes you can, but via MADI daisy chain connection or OS X aggregate audio mode.
I did a firmware update but my device is not responsive / it behaves strange.
Start the control panel and perform a firmware update of the latest version again. After the update is done, perform a factory reset by:...
Can i use Thunderbolt and USB simultaneously?
No this is not possible, you can still have both connections but you will have to choose which one to us from your Orion32+ front panel m...