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Thunderbolt™ & USB Audio Interfaces

Antelope Audio Windows Thunderbolt™ Driver
Windows Thunderbolt™ Driver The initial version of the Antelope Audio Windows Thunderbolt driver is now officially released! The driver...
Zen Tour loses connection over Thunderbolt
Uninstall the current driver for the Zen Tour and install the one provided in this link.
Facing TB Connectivity issues on OSX older than 10.11.5
Try updating TB bus firmware update from Apple.
Under what condition the lock light lights up on the Zen Tour screen?
The lock does not light up. This is a bug that recently got reported and we are working to fix it.
I am trying to update my firmware, but once the update finishes I get the message: Update Failed! What should I do?
This might be happening for various reasons. One might be something interrupting the update. Do not move the update panel to the backgro...
Why my MAC doesn't recognize Orion Studio when connected with a Thunderbolt™ cable?
You need to switch the command interface to Thunderbolt™ from the System Menu of Orion Studio by holding the top right button and naviga...
Can you control the Software Control Panel mixer with a MIDI controller?
MIDI controllers can not be used with the Orion Studio Control Panel.
What is the maximum Thunderbolt™ cable length?
The Thunderbolt™ cable should not exceed 2 to 4 meters length.
What is the difference between Orion32 and Orion32+?
Re-designed architecture, improved features, hardware-based FPGA FX, Monitor Outs and ThunderboltTM connection.
Why my MAC doesn't recognize Orion32+ when connected with a ThunderboltTM cable?
You need to switch the command interface to Thunderbolt from the System Menu of Orion32+ by holding the top right button and navigating ...