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Microphones and Emulations

Microphone handling and precautions in humid conditions
Just like other active microphones, Antelope Audio's modeling microphones are susceptible to humidity and water in general. The gol...
Why are there no Mic Emulations for Discrete 4 & 8 Premium purchases without Edge / Verge?
The algorithms for the microphone emulations are based on the specific parameters of Edge and Verge in combination with the Discrete pre...
How are the Mic Emulations activated?
The Mic Emulations will be activated with a separated code from the CLAIM features menu in the LOGIN on our website. Then you have to as...
Will I receive the Mic Emulations if I purchase an Edge or a Verge?
Yes, the Mic Emulations are included in the microphone price, yet the mics cannot process audio. In order to use the emulations the user...
Do Edge & Verge have the same Mic Emulations?
No. Edge is a dual capsule microphone, large diaphragm condenser microphone while Verge is a small diaphragm condenser. The emulations m...
Will the Mic Emulations sound as good as they sound on Discrete with other Antelope interfaces (when they are released)?
Yes, although the preamps are different we’ve developed a microphone preamp specifically for the Edge microphone – the Discrete MP. It c...
Why does the Edge microphone output have two channels, even when I want to model a mono microphone?
Edge is a dual capsule microphone. It allows us to emulate vintage mics more accurately. Each output is dedicated to a separate capsule....
Can I use the Edge / Verge microphones without DSP plug-in processing as I would with a conventional mic?
Yes. Both microphones are analog and can be used in any setup.
Can I use the Edge / Verge microphones with any preamp I want?
Yes. Both microphones are analog and can be used in any setup. However, we strongly advise you to use the Edge with its dedicated microp...
How accurate are the Edge / Verge Mic Emulations?
They use the best algorithms for microphone modeling available, precision-designed by their inventors in cooperation with many other exp...